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Augmented Reality Framework for Android
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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   |oCBeyondarFragmentFragment class that displays and control the CameraView and the BeyondarGLSurfaceView
   |\CBeyondarFragmentSupportSupport fragment class that displays and control the CameraView and the BeyondarGLSurfaceView
   ||oCMeshColliderA mesh collider is a container for 3D objects used for collision tests
   ||oCSphericalMeshColliderA spherical mesh collider
   ||\CSquareMeshColliderA square mesh collider
   ||oCRenderableInterface that provides the needed methods that are called from the ARRenderer
   ||\CSquareRenderableBasic Renderable for rendering simple 2D images
   ||oCARRendererRenderer for drawing the World with OpenGL
   |||\CGLSnapshotCallbackCallback to get notified when the snapshot of the OpenGL view is taken
   ||\CTextureTexture object for rendering using OpenGL
   | oCLowPassFilterLow pass filter class to filter the sensors noise
   | oCMatrixGrabber
   | oCMatrixStackA matrix stack, similar to OpenGL ES's internal matrix stack
   | \CMatrixTrackingGLAllows retrieving the current matrix even if the current OpenGL ES driver does not support retrieving the current matrix
   |oCBeyondarObjectPluginBasic interface to create a plugin for a BeyondarObject
   |oCGeoObjectPluginExtension of the BeyondarObjectPlugin for GeoObject
   |oCGLPluginBasic interface to create a plugin to extend the OpenGL layer
   |oCPlugable< T extends Plugin >Interface to define which Classes can be extended using plugins
   |oCPluginBasic interface for all the plugins
   |\CWorldPluginBase interface to create a plugin for a World
   |oCOnScreenshotListenerListener to get notified when a picture is taken (AR view + camera)
   |\CScreenshotHelperHelper for taking a full screenshot (AR view + camera)
   |\CBeyondarSensorManagerThis class controls and filter the sensor data provided by the magnetic and the accelerometer sensors
   ||\CLruCache< K, V >A cache that holds strong references to a limited number of values
   ||oCBeyondarLocationManagerThis class provides a helper to get the best location
   |||oCMatrix3Represent a 3D Matrix that can be used with OpenGL
   |||oCPlaneRepresents a geometric plane
   |||oCPoint2Represents a 2D point
   |||oCPoint3Represents a 3D point
   |||oCRayRepresents a geometric ray, compound of a Point3 and a Vector3
   |||oCTriangleRepresents a geometric triangle
   |||\CVector3Represents a 3 dimensions vector
   ||oCDistanceClass to calculate the distance between two points in arbitrary units
   ||\CMathUtilsUtil class for math operations
   |oCImageUtilsUtil class for manipulating images
   |oCLoggerLogger class for BeyondAR framework
   |oCPendingBitmapsToBeLoaded< E >
   |\CVersionClass to retrieve the framework version
   |oCBeyondarGLSurfaceViewGL View to draw the World using the ARRenderer
   |oCBeyondarViewAdapterAdapter to attach views to the BeyondarObject
   |oCCameraViewThis class has the responsibility of rotating the camera, taking picture and acquiring/releasing the camera
   ||\CBeyondarPictureCallbackCallback to get notify when a picture from the camera has been taken
   |oCOnClickBeyondarObjectListenerOn click listener to detect when a BeyondarObject has been clicked on the BeyondarGLSurfaceView
   |\COnTouchBeyondarViewListenerOn touch listener to detect when a BeyondarObject has been touched on the BeyondarGLSurfaceView
    oCBeyondarObjectBasic object to be used with augmented reality
    oCBeyondarObjectListThis class allow the user to store according to type, so it is useful when a search is required
    oCGeoObjectExtension of the BeyondarObject to make easier the usage of geo cordinates
    \CWorldContainer that holds all the BeyondarObject to be rendered in the augmented reality world